Forever After After Sun


Do you want a moisturiser that smells exactly like our sun cream collection?

  • Wrap yourself in a blanket of silky, smooth skin with Forever After® all day tan extender. Moisture intense extracts and pure botanical actives that help condition, balance and restore skin’s hydration. Age-fighting ingredients help smooth away fine lines and wrinkles and leave the skin feeling soft and pampered.
  • Fragrance: Warm Creamy Vanilla: top notes of Bergamot, Lemon & Apple; mid notes of Jasmine, Lilly, Nutmeg & Spice; dry notes of Sandalwood, Musk, Warm Vanilla, Heliotrope, Amber & Patchouli
  • Size – 650ml

Top Tip: Forever After is the perfect holiday product to pair up with your sun cream! Use it every day after you shower to lock in your holiday tan.

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